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Xtra-Strength Respiratory Tonic 1.7 oz


Xtra-Strength Respiratory Tonic

  • Extra Potent "Deep Breath" Formula
  • Breath Easy Phlegm Reducer 
  • Soothes Throat & Lungs
  • Immune System & Vit-C Boost


This Respiratory Tonic supports the immune system while using herbs and roots that possess decongestive, bronchodilating, anti-microbial and lung-soothing properties. This formula contains a higher content of elderberry and added medicinals of garlic, ginger, and horseradish for an extra-active immune system response. Pefect for any cold and flu symtoms that need additional anti-microbial assistance, current or post-smokers, and other *mild chronic respiratory conditions. 

*Always consult your doctor before adding herbs to your respiratory medication regimen. 


Ingredients (*Organic): *apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered) *garlic, *ginger, *horseradish root, *burdock root, *onion, *cayenne pepper, *mullien, *Taos osha root (ethically harvested), *elecampane, *peppermint, *cloves, *rosemary, *cleavers, *rose hips, *elderberry, *lemon juice