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Venus Love Potion 1.7 oz


Venus Love Potion

  • Vegan/Sugar Free
  • Immune & Nervous System Support
  • Combats Stress & Fatigue 
  • Boosts Circulation & Stamina
  • Heart Chakra Formula 


Enjoy the ecstasy of love and peace with this tart floral tonic. Adaptogen herb-laden and a slight aphrodisiac, this gem-infused herbal vinegar soothes the nerves, hydrates the body, promotes healthy blood flow and cardiac support, is anti-inflammatory, regulates the stress response and cortisol levels, assists with healthy mental and emotinal coping, boosts the immune system, feeds the adrenals, improves energy and stamina, support healthy hormone functions, and is mood enhancing. Highly nutritive, it contains iron, calcium, magnesium and other vitamins and minerals.




Ingredients (*organic): *Apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered), *hawthorn berry, *rose, *ashwagandha, *damina, *ginko, *rholdiola, *oatstraw, *lemon juice


Gem Energetic Infusion (indirect method):

OPALITE- Assists with gently releasing tight grips on fears and worries, transitions, inner peace 
DOUBLE TERMINATED QUARTZ- Amplifier of energy, expands consciousness while staying grounded & helps dispel excess energy.
ROSE QUARTZ- Unconditional love, gentleness, release of stress, emotional healing
LABRADORITE-3rd eye opening, awareness of one's innate mental & intuitive abilities, supportive during new adventures and protective 
MULTI-COLORED FLOURITE- helps overcome fears, improved decision making capabilities, clarity of cosmic truth and peace
RUBY-courage, passion, strength, root chakra, divine creativity and purpose
LEPIDOLITE-emotional healing & purification, calming, balance
CITRINE-manifestation, personal will, mental clarity