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Mighty Mushroom Tonic 1.7 oz


Mighty Mushroom Tonic

  • Immune Boosting 
  • Increases Stamina 
  • Grounding Superfood 


Feel the strength of the forest as seven powerful mushrooms join forces to boost the immune system, encourage cellular repair, aid in digestion, improve cognitive brain function, and support heart health.


This tonic is high in anti-oxidants, selenium (mineral that supports the immune system & prevents inflammation), B vitamins (which convert food to fuel), Vit-D (immune system and mood support), Vit-C,  potassium, and fiber. Truly a medicinal food. 


Ingredients (*organic): *maitake (grifolia frondosa),*chaga (double extracted),*reishi (ganoderma lucidum),*cordyceps sinensis,*turkeytail (trametes versicolor),*shitake (lentinula edodes),*lions mane (hericium erinaceus),*lemon juice,*raw apple cider vinegar