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Mermaid Mineral Tonic (V) 1.7 oz


Mermaid's Mineral Tonic

  • Vegan/Sugar Free
  • Detoxifying Superfood
  • Vitamins & Minerals from Land & Sea
  • Immune System & Vit-C Boost

This Mineral Tonic is a deep tissue re-mineralizer with a high vitamin content which feeds all body systems while gently detoxing. A superfood full of antioxidants, bio-available protien, heavy-metal removers, and immune system support.  


Ingredients (*Organic): *apple cider vinegar (raw, unfiltered), *burdock root, *onion, *chlorella, *spirulina, *kelp, *alfalfa, *nettle leaf, *nettle root, *dandelion leaf, *raspberry leaf, *rose hips, *cayenne pepper, *lemon juice